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Menorca Airport Guide

Known to the citizens of the Spanish Balearic island of Minorca (Menorca) as “Mahon Airport”, Menorca's primary international airport is more than capable of accommodating domestic and international travelers. The airport is located less than three miles to the southwest of Menorca's capital city of Mahon (Mao), Menorca's airport offers regularly scheduled jet flights to and from four countries and 35 cities throughout the holiday season.

Mahon Airport, a modern duel-runway facility, rests a comfortable traveling distance away from several of Menorca Island’s major vacation hot spots and must-see holiday destinations: Torrellonet Vell, Llucmassanes, and Sant Climent. The airport's single terminal handles all of the island's arrivals and departures, which sees a fair amount of air traffic during the summer months.

Upon arrival, visitors can find all of the airport's services relatively close together inside of the main two-story terminal building. Vacationers can enjoy the local cuisine offered by any one of the three Menorca Airport restaurants: Cafeteria Solarium, Cafeteria Medas, and the Natural Break bar. All cafes can be are easily located within the Mahon Airport terminal and lobby.

The Sweet Market, the airport's own bakery, greets arriving passengers with tempting local pastries, and gift shoppers can spend a fair amount of time in the airport's most popular retailers, Aldeasa Travel Value and the Pas d'en Quint gift shop.

Nearby transportation and lodging facilities include the Capri Hotel in Mahon city, easily reachable via cab or bus ride. But Mahon airport also houses several reputable, affordable car rental companies too. Many of the island's resort towns will even provide door-to-door shuttle service for their guests immediately upon arrival as well.

One drawback to Menorca's airport is that the island does not operate a rail system to and from the facility. Traveling about the island, however, should not be an issue since buses arrive and depart every 30 minutes from the terminal. Upon setting foot in the Mahon bus station, visitors can easily transfer to any of the islands many resort towns and villas.

Over the years, Menorca's airport has undergone quite a few changes. The need for a larger modern airport developed along with the island's tourist industry. To this very day, it is estimated that at least half of the traffic coming into Mahon consists of international travelers. During the peak holiday months, the figure reaches as high as 70% according to travel industry experts. Some other statistics of merit show that last year over a million visitors landed and departed from Menorca's airport.

Departures, as mentioned above, use the same terminal as the arrivals, so keep this tip in mind when making plans to leave the island. The ground floor accommodates all arrivals, but the first floor has been designed to comfortably usher visitors off to their departing flights